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Book Quotes

Interview with the Vampire

Lestat: Now, I'm getting into the coffin, and you will get in on top of me if you know what's good for you.
- If there was any question about who was the bitch of THIS relationship..

Lestat: Read your damn poems then! Rot!

Lestat: Did I kill him or did I not kill him! What's your guess?
Louis: You did not. Because you invited me to go with you, and would never have invited me to share that kill.
Lestat: Ah, but! Did I kill him in a rage because you would not go with me!
..Well, did I kill him?
Louis: No, you did not.
Lestat: You're right. I did not. It excites me to be close to him, to think over and over, I can kill him and I will kill him but not now. And then to leave him and find someone who looks as nearly like him as possible. If he had brothers...why, I'd kill them one by one. The family would succumb to a mysterious fever which dried up the very blood in their bodies!
Claudia has a taste for families.
Speaking of families, I suppose you heard. The Freniere place is suppose to be haunted; they can't keep an overseer and the slaves run away.
Louis: Don't talk of her.
Lestat: Very well. I was talking of the plantation. Not her. Her! Your lady love, your fancy. You know, I had it all my way finally in the end, didn't I? But I was telling you about my young friend and how..
Louis: I wish you would play the music.

Louis: What constitutes evil, real evil, is the taking of a single human life. Whether a man would die tomorrow or the day after or eventually... it doesn't matter. Because if God does not exist, then life... every second of it... Is all we have.

Queen of the Damned

Earlier, he had devoured the texts-Louis's testament: "Behold, the void." And Lestat's history: "And this and this and this, and it means nothing." - Khayman

Louis: Lestat!
"Louis!" I said, mocking his tone. - Lestat

Tale of the Body Thief

Louis: Weep. I'd like to see you weep. I've read a great deal about your weeping in the pages of your books but I've never seen you weep with my own eyes.
Lestat: Ah, that makes you out to be the perfect liar. You descried my weeping in your miserable memoir in a scene we both know did not take place!
- I really think these characters probably spend more time argueing about each other's novels then they let on.

Lestat: You're very anxious to be out of these rooms, aren't you? Why don't we simply get into bed together? I don't understand.
David: You're serious?
Lestat: Of course
David: You do realize, that this is an absolutely magnificent body, don't you? I mean you aren't insensible to the fact that you've been deposited in a...a most impressive piece of young male flesh.
Lestat: I looked it over well before the switch, remember? Why is it you don't want to..
David: You've been with a woman, haven't you?
Lestat: I wish you hadn't read my mind. It's rude. Besides, what does that matter to you?
David: A woman you loved.
Lestat: I have always loved both men and women.
David: That's a slightly different use of the word 'love.'
- Lestat: A Man-Whore in both a mortal or immortal body.

Lestat: I think he will give in to me eventually. Even though I burn his house. It might take years, of course! Years in this miserable-
David: You're getting furious again. Calm down. And what in the world do you mean-you burnt his house.
Lestat: I was angry!

Louis: You burnt my little house, didn't you?
Lestat: Can you blame me? Besides, I was human when I did that. It was human weakness. Want to come and live with me?

Lestat: Have you suffered in my absence?
Louis: It was pure hell. Each risk you take hurts me. But that is my concern and fault.
Lestat: Why do you love me?
Louis: You know, you've always known. I wish I could be you. I wish I could know the joy you know all the time.
Lestat: And that pain, you want that as well?
Louis: Your pain? Certainly. I'll take your brand of pain anytime, as they say.
Lestat: You smug, cynical lying bastard!
- Gee, SOMEONE has mood swings.

Lestat: I despise you! I ought to destroy you-finish what I started when I made you. Turn you into ashes and sift them through my hands. You know that I could do it! Like that! Like the snap of mortal fingers, I could do it. Burn you as I burnt your little house. And nothing could save you, nothing at all.
- If gay vampire marriages were legal, this is about how I'd imagine Lestat's wedding vow.

Memnoch the Devil

Lestat: Are those the words Armand used, 'unabashed plea?'? I hate Armand.
David: You don't hate Armand and you know you don't.
Lestat: Wanna bet?

Lestat: We have such good memories. I think some of the others can remember things that never actually happened.
- That would actually explain SO MUCH in these latter novels, Lestat..


Pandora: Are you a man still?
Marius: You will never know the full extent of what I am!
Pandora: Ah, but not a man! Am I right? Not a man.
Marius: Pandora, you are deliberately tauting me. Why? Why do this?
Pandora: This transformation, this induction into the blood drinkers; it's added no inches to your height. Did it add any inches anywhere else?

Marius: You are the most maddening human being I've ever known! If I had married you, you would had put me into an early grave. I would have been spared all of this!

Pandora: Forgive me, I forgot your childish temper.

Blood and Gold

Marius: For the love of Hell, stop blaming me for everything. Will you never crease with your accusations? Am I the author of evil that ever befell you, Mael?

Bianca: Would you leave me for her if you could?
Marius: No, if I found her, we would all of us be together.
Bianca: Oh, that's too lovely.
- Yes Marius, I'm quite sure your girlfriend won't mind your ex-girlfriend shacking up with you all.

Marius: Stop it, Pandora. It isn't necessary that I give her up. We are not mortal! We can live together.
- So once you become a vampire, you can appearently become as slutty as you like.

Blood Canticle

Lestat: Go ahead, throw this book away. Spit on me. Revile me. I dare you. Cast me out of your intellectual orbit. Throw me out of your back-pack. Pitch me in the airport trash bin. Leave me on a bench in Central Park! What do I care? No. I don't want you to do all that. Don't do that. DON'T DO IT!
- Somehow I think Lestat is one of those people on message forums who threatens to leave if no one pay enough attention to them..

Lestat: Toughen up baby. I'm looking for the eternal scum.
- Rock ON, Lestat..

Lestat: Shoot, the child, having opted for the Dark Blood, could go to Hell! I had to get up there. Vampire Lestat to the rescue!
- Those last five words should not appear in anything else but an online spec or parody.

Lestat: Quinn's friend, Lestat, yeah, gotcha, hey, and Clem, have that car ready, we're going to New Orleans afterwards, okay, dude?
- WORD. Lestat.

Lestat: Well, think about Adam in the Bible, I mean this guy is the Wimp of All Time saying to Almighty God, the Creator, Yahweh Who made the stars, 'The woman gave me to eat!' I mean-pa-lease.
- The New Testiment: Saint Lestat version

Lestat: He didn't need to know who'd worked the miracle. Saint Juan Diego? Saint Lestat? Whatever! It was fine with him.
- Totally

Lestat: I had to go after my own supernatural body and recover it. And on my own-well, almost on my own-I'd found a solution to my problem. And so it had ended well.
- "Granted I ended up making another fledgling that has since ditched me & I need to write off..But other than THAT."

Lestat: EVERY NOW AND THEN, I demand to be treated like the supernatural hero that I am.
- Okay, Someone bitchslap him...NOW.

Lestat: I'm a ruthless dude.
- Party ON, Lestat.

Lestat: So hit me with it, baby.
- "Hit me baby ONE MORE TIME!"

Lestat: Let's rock, baby.
- Let's not & say we did, Lestat.

Movie Quotes

Interview with the Vampire

Lestat: No one could resist me, not even you, Louis.
Louis: I tried.
Lestat: (smiling) And the more you tried, the more I wanted you.

Lestat: Your body's dying. Pay no attention, It happens to us all.

Louis: Where are we?
Lestat: Where do you think, my idiot friend? We're in a nice, filthy cemetery. Does this make you happy? Is this fitting, proper enough?
Louis: We belong in hell.
Lestat: And what if there is no hell, or they don't want us there? Ever think of that?
Louis: But there was a hell, and no matter where we moved to, I was in it.

Santiago: But hark, methinks a mortal doth approach.

Lestat: Mon dieu, what melancholy nonsense. I swear you grow more like Louis each day. Soon you'll be eating rats!

Louis: How do we seem to you? Do you find us beautiful, magical? Our white skin, our fierce eyes? "Drink" you ask me, do you have any idea of the thing you will become?

Lestat: Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminately and so shall we. For no creatures under God are as we are, none so like him as ourselves.

Lestat: Perfect! Just perfect! Just burn the place! Burn everything we own! Have us sleeping in the field like cattle!
Louis: You thought you could have it all...
Lestat: Oh, SHUT UP, Louis! Mon Dieu! Come here.

Lestat: I'm going to give you the choice I never had.

Lestat: Merciful death. How you love your precious guilt.

Lestat: It's your coffin, my love. Enjoy it. Most of us never get to know what it feels like.

Lestat: Oh Louis, Louis. Still whining Louis. Have you heard enough? I've had to listen to that for centuries.

Lestat: Lord, what I wouldn't give for a drop of good old-fashioned Creole blood.
Louis: Yankees are not to your taste?
Lestat: Their democratic flavor doesn't suit my palate, Louis.

Lestat: There's still life in the old lady yet!

Queen of the Damned

Lestat: So..go on. Tell me more about me.

Lestat: A London Goth. I see. It's funny, I would've pegged you for a Talamascan.
Jesse: Maybe in another life.
Groupie: I'm an Episcopalian.
Roger: And I'm a freakin Buddhist.
- Atleast Roger knows this is ridiculous

Musical Quotes

Lestat: This is no place for gentleman, would you care to continue our conversation outside?
Louis: There's no bourbon out there!

Louis: Are you the devil?
Lestat: There is no devil.
Louis: But that is what the devil would say!
- He's got a point there.

Louis: Are we dead, Lestat?
Lestat: Oh not this again.
Louis: Are we from the devil?
Lestat: And the evening had begun so well..

Louis: Claudia, it's not your fault. It's Lestat's.
Lestat: My fault!?
- Heh, in Louis's view EVERYTHING is Lestat's fault - I love it.

Lestat: You're too lenient!
Louis: You're too cold!
Lestat: She needs to be punished.
Louis: She needs love and kindness.
- Oh, put your apron on & get your ass back into the kitchen, Louis.

Regarding the Vampire Chronicles

Interviewer: Doesnít the book feature some homoerotic necking between Louis and Lestat?
Brad Pitt: Yeah [laughs], I donít know, itís not so blatant but thereís no way around it-itís got to be there. Youíve got one guy biting another guyís neck but you donít have it flashing up homoerotic. You have to follow vampire logic-once youíre a vampire, male and female doesnít matter.
- Sky, March 1994 source: Brad